About Us company profil : AL –furat state company for chemical Industries and Pesticides is one of the companies of ministry of industry and minerals, Established in 1967 , and the chemical plant is one of the main plants in the company which is produces the following products : -Caustic Soda (NaoH) -Liquid chlorine (CL2) -Hydrochloric acid (HCL) - Sodium hypochlorite (NaoCL) -Sulfuric acid (H2So4) -Battery acid The chemical plant consist of : 1-New caustic soda and chlorine plant: constructed by (S.V.E) company in main location saddat AL Hindya and it had directd in test run operation in 12/2/2016 and technical problems happened in membrane caused to stop the factory ,New membranes were brought by S.V.E company ,and resume eperating for test run in the first part of 2017 in order to a chieve the contract capacities. This factory operates with new technology , friendly enviroment ,with design capacities as follow: Caustic Soda (NaoH) Con.(100)% :(45T/d) -Liquid chlorine (CL2) :(39.6T/d) -Hydrochloric acid Con. (33)%: (45T/d) -Sodium Hypochlorite :(60T/d) 2-Sulfuric acid plant(H2So4) : This plant constructed by lurgi company (German ) in 1967 , this plant produce concentrated sulfuric acid min .97% ,and diluted sulfuric acid con .( 35-37) which is used for batteries 3-Industrial services (utilities ): produce (filter water, R.O water) , for human and industrial uses.
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