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Investment Opportunity no. 1/2017 – Industrial

Investment Opportunity no. 1/2017 – Industrial

Investment Opportunity no. 1/2017 – Industrial


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Investment Opportunity no. 1/2017 – Industrial


Investment  Opportunity no.  1/2017 – Industrial

Al_Furat State Company for Chemical Industries and Pesticides as one of the affiliates of Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Republic of Iraq is pleased to announce the a/m investment opportunity for (Project expansion of chlorine and caustic soda plant to increase the production capacity by (45) ton/day caustic soda calculated based on 100%) pursuant to the Article ( 15 / Thirdly ) of amended and valid Law of State Companies no. ( 22/1997 ) and Council Ministers Decision no. 492 of 2013. The Investors of most reliable , specialized , and qualified technically and financially manufacturers and producers of Iraqi , Arabic and International companies in the field of chlorine and caustic soda industry can visit our company headquarter / investment in / Babylon / Al-Musayab / Saddat Al-Hindiyah to obtain the investment documents against amount unreturnable (250000) two hundred fifty thousand IQD and submit their technical and commercial offers in our company a/m address , knowing that last date for receipt the offers is on Sunday 10-9-2017 , 12 AM supported with the following documents : 1. Registration Certificate of the company is certified officially. 2.Allowance letter issued from ministry of finance. 3. Submit the financial capacity accounts for the last five years ( positive indicator.( 4. The investment company or its supported companies should be had experience in chlorine and caustic soda product . 5. Feature company in a good performance in implementation of its obligations (previous contracts with Iraqi ministries and government agencies if it’s a found). 6. The company should be not listed in the black list. 7. The company should have belong to countries that are good business relationship . 8. Submit a written obligation not to deal with Israel and its institutions and companies and not dealing with it in the present and future. -Our web site ( -Website of Ministry of Industry and Minerals ( ) -E-mail for inquiry :- , Investment Manager 07732941338 P. O. BOX 11230 Director General And chairman of board of directors

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