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Investment Opportunity no. 1/2017 – Industrial

Investment Opportunity no. 1/2017 – Industrial

Investment Opportunity no. 1/2017 – Industrial


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Investment Opportunity no. 1/2018


Investment  Opportunity no.  1/2018

Al_Furat State Company for Chemical and Pesticides Industries as one of the affiliates of Ministry of Industry and Minerals / Republic of Iraq. Is pleased to announce the a/m investment opportunity for ( rehabilitation and operation of AL- Tariq plant for pesticides with capacity of(2500) tons/year) located in Al-Anbar /Al-Fallujah /Al-Karmah for all of plant unit (production , utility and office’s) to produce various type and uses pesticides as joint venture according to the Article ( 15 / Thirdly ) of amended and valid Law of State Companies No. ( 22/ 1997) modified and Council Ministers Decision No. (492 / 2013)and it information(attached). We invited the investors from the Iraqi, Arab and international companies (manufacturer or producer directly ) or their agents in the field of the pesticides manufacture or production and packing . To participate in this investment opportunity and visit the headquarters of our company located in the province of Babyl, Musayyib city /Saddat Al-Hindiyah / Investment Department, and obtain investment opportunity's document against non refundable amount (250,000) two hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi dinars. Tender should submit their technical and commercial offers, all documents in the both offers should authenticated by the official authorities in the countries of the company and authenticated by the Iraqi Embassy in the countries of the foreign companies, and by the authorized offices for the Iraqi. The tenderer should present their offer at our company head quarter before (Sunday) (22/4/2018) at 12 pm, submitted the following documents: 1- Authenticated certificate of incorporation of the tenderer company and the specialized companies that support it, which are associated with authentic joint venture with it. 2- A letter of acquittal from the Ministry of Finance. 3- Confirmation at the legal department to submit letter of guarantee according to conditions of investment opportunity within thirty days after contract signature. 4- Submit the final accounts index for the last five years which should be positive and authenticated by the official authorities offices . 5- To show that its continue in it specialized activity for the last five years by presenting its authentic (contracts) in the last five year efficient and authenticated by the official authorities offices . 6- The tenderer company shall have experience in operating the production lines and should submit their similar job in this field authenticated by the official authorities offices . 7- The tenderer should present any letter to proved good performance in carrying out its previous obligations, if there is any obligations with ministries and government offices of Iraq authenticated by the official authorities offices. 8- The company should not black listed. 9- The company belongs to countries that have a good business relationship with Iraq 10- To make a written pledge at the legal department not to deal with the Zionist entity and its institutions and companies . 11- The tenderer should submit the cash receipt of the investment opportunity . *There will be a special meeting at ( 10/4/2018) to discuses all the investors information in the Al-Tariq plant location (a/m) and the investor can visited all units' plant . -Website of Ministry of Industry and Minerals ( ) -Our web site ( -E-mail for inquiry , -Investment Manager (07801102674) / Al-Tariq plans manager (07727257386) -P. O. BOX 11230 Engineer Ali Qassim Kadhim Director General And chairman of board of directors

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